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Things You Should Not Do When in Korea

When visiting Korea, there are a few things you shouldn’t do. For example, South Koreans don’t like blowing their nose in front of others. If you do, you should excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. And if you want to eat something in front of someone, you should wait. Korean culture is very old-fashioned, and the older people will eat first. So don’t forget to be considerate of their wishes.

Don’t drink in public. South Koreans prefer to shake hands with both hands, but don’t pour with one. You should use two hands when shaking hands with someone, but one hand is okay for lower-ranking people. If you’re drinking, it is rude. When greeting a friend, you should greet them with both hands. Koreans do not want to be touched by strangers, but you can shake hands with them if you are comfortable doing so.

Avoid wearing short-sleeved shirts. Korean women aren’t particularly fond of showing their cleavage, so opt for a loose-fitting t-shirt. If you’re traveling alone, you can purchase an Adventure Insurance policy online. This policy covers 150+ adventure activities and includes emergency help around the clock. And don’t forget to hold onto your hands when accepting change or passing something around. If you’re too shy to hold both hands, you can try putting your left hand inside your right wrist.

While crime against foreigners is low in Korea, there are still petty crimes that can cost you a big bill. Foreigners should pay special attention to their surroundings, especially in crowded public spaces. Avoid walking alone after dark and keep your personal belongings secure at all times. Foreigners should also report crimes by calling 112 or requesting an interpreter. When in doubt, never attempt to make an unavoidable mistake and report the crime.

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