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This article explores the current health and fitness news and trends, as well as evidence-based reporting by registered dietitians and health journalists. You’ll learn about Industry trends and the new co-coordinators sworn in by the HHS secretary. It also provides an overview of the latest research.
Evidence-based reporting from registered dietitians, health journalists, and fitness experts

Using evidence-based reporting is an excellent way to ensure the reliability of a health or fitness claim. A registered dietitian, a health journalist, or a fitness expert can help you understand the facts behind a health claim. The following websites provide evidence-based reporting from these professionals.
Industry trends

In recent years, wearable technology and fitness trackers have been a top trend in health and fitness, but the future is looking even brighter. This technology has begun to expand beyond traditional fitness tracking and is transforming into a more holistic health and wellness solution. Smartwatches and activity trackers are increasingly adding wellness metrics to help people track everything from their sleep to their recovery from strenuous activity.

Mind-body practices and holistic fitness programs are also gaining popularity. More consumers are looking for ways to improve their mental health, and many are beginning to seek alternative methods to ease anxiety and stress. As more consumers look to improve their overall wellness, physical activity will become an important piece of the puzzle, and consumers will seek to find new ways to incorporate it into their lives.
HHS secretary swears in new co-coordinators

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra has sworn in two new health and fitness coordinators, Jose Andres, a culinary innovator and humanitarian, and Elena Delle Donne, an Olympic gold medalist. These newly-sworn-in health and fitness coordinators will work with the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition to develop strategic priorities for the Council’s work. These new members will work to implement the President’s priorities through partnerships and investments.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) is a member of the United States Cabinet who is appointed by the President. He is assisted by the Deputy Secretary and seven assistant secretaries, who serve as the department’s top administrative officers. The Department includes several agencies, including the U.S. Public Health Service, the Social Security Administration, and the Family Support Administration.
Industry research

Keeping abreast of health and fitness current events is essential for the health and fitness industry. With the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and the obesity epidemic on the rise, it’s important for the industry to keep up with changes in society. Fitness businesses that adapt to these trends will enjoy the greatest long-term success. In addition to these changes, Millennials are increasingly driving consumer spending, and they need to be marketed to. There’s also an active-aging market that’s growing and gaining enormous benefits from fitness.

A key focus of research for the health and fitness industry is changing consumer habits. Many people are giving up the traditional approach to exercising, and are experimenting with alternative forms of exercise. This may include joining a walking or cycling club, or using video or interactive devices to exercise at home. While many health and fitness clubs have not adapted to these new trends, they need to find ways to expand their offerings to attract new customers.

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