Naoya Inoue: “Monster” is not a nickname, but an objective reality

Usually, the “Kings of knockouts” are representatives of heavy and heavyweight. It happens that they are called light heavyweights. But when they say this about someone from a light or bantamweight, then everything is perceived as a joke.

This stereotype was quickly broken by Naoya Inoue, ending the lion’s share of fights in this way.

In addition, he is a constant favorite of the predictions for the fight in the vast majority of bookmakers. Both beginners and experienced bettors place bets on it. If you want to participate and get the jackpot, then click here.

Phenomenon from Japan

Experts have several times compared the almost 30-year-old Japanese with Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. But not wanting to belittle Pacquiao’s undoubtedly outstanding accomplishments, now retired, it’s worth noting that Naoya Inoue is more flamboyant buxic:

  • in amateur sports 81 fights and 75 victories;
  • in professional – 23 fights and won all of them, and in 20 by knockout.

Deceptive appearance

Naoya doesn’t look like the “buff” or “monster” that she really is. Of course, large dimensions for the lightest category are nonsense mytoptweets, but many athletes give themselves away at least somehow. But not Inoue. In ordinary life, he looks like a good boy from an intelligent, wealthy family.

But in the ring, his monstrousness immediately manifests itself: speed, accuracy and stunning power of impact. For all this, he became the favorite of bookmakers and bettors, and one should not forget about the saved nerves of those who placed bets. Why?

Yes, he usually knocks out in 1-3 rounds, so everything happens terrifyingly beautiful and terribly fast.

Ask, where is the show for 7-8 branches newspinup? He is a monster, that’s how it stands for him and his work. Therefore, he doesn’t particularly like to enter the clinch, to argue for a long time. Moreover, a victory on points angers him more than a defeat (not the fact that he knows what it is!), which was proved by the fight with Nonito Donaire, now the former owner of the main title.

Championship battles

The first happened in 2019. The result was Naoya’s victory, but by the decision of the judges. Inoue considered such a victory unconvincing, so in 2022 there was a second meeting. It all ended already in the second round and, as usual, by knockout igadgetnewstoday. This didn’t surprise anyone, except for bookmakers, because customers bet more on the end of the battle in the 3rd-4th period. But the Japanese were not going to wait.

As a result, he collected all the titles of boxing champions igadgetnow: WBC, WBA and IBF, of course, in the bantamweight division.

Next fight Naoya Inoue

It is scheduled to be held on December 13 in Tokyo. Athletes will enter the ring at the Ariake Arena. The rival of the Japanese will be Briton Paul Butler foodiesfact. The battle will go for the championship title in all versions: WBO, WBC, IBF, WBA (Super) and The Ring.

A 12-round bout is planned, although Naoya is likely to break all the plans of the organizers and finish it faster. Which has been repeatedly noted by betting companies in their predictions for winning.

If something goes wrong, then you should expect a second meeting very soon. The monster won’t rest!

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