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How Are Vegas Spreads Decided?

When betting on a game in Vegas, you must understand how spreads are determined. When you bet on the favorite team, you must win the game by more points than the spread. Likewise, when betting on the underdog team, you must win the game by more points than the spread. In other words, the underdog must win by more than seven points to win. In other words, the sportsbook wants to make money if the game is a push or a tie, and they want to keep the points high enough to avoid being too high or too low.

To make the oddsmakers’ work for them, they employ “hooks.” These are extra half-points that are added to the point spread, most often in football. Another strategy is laying less than seven or three points, essentially giving the underdog more value than the favorite. In fact, many games come down to key numbers. For example, if a team is favored by four points but has a better overall record, that can increase the odds of the game’s outcome.

Point spreads are the primary way to bet on football and basketball games. You bet on one team over the other by a certain number of points, which is called the point spread. In basketball games, the point spread will be minus or plus. A favorite team will have a minus sign (+180) while an underdog team will have a plus sign (-160). A favorite can be a favorite or an underdog, so the underdog would be a “underdog”.

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