Best Poker Hands 

Casino gambling games have been around for a hell of a long time at sites like Wizard Slots. As a result the large majority of them are well and truly ingrained into global culture, with there being millions of players all across the world. Just think about it: pretty much everybody has at least heard of the big casino games like roulette, blackjack or poker, and most people know how to play at least one of them too! Don’t believe us? Just visit your local casino and find out for yourself. 

Out of all the casino table games you would do well to find one that is quite as iconic as poker, a game that has been featured in a remarkable amount of films, TV programs and novels over the years. There is just something about poker that other casino table games can’t quite match. The intensity, the tactics, the suaveness… It all contributes to an incredibly famous and popular casino table game. Furthermore, poker is one of the only games played against other gamblers rather than the house, which increases the stakes dramatically. Want to know what some of the best poker hands are? Keep reading to find out or simply visit King Casino to play poker now. 

Royal Flush 

If you receive a Royal Flush poker hand whilst playing the game you are extremely lucky, because the odds of this hand happening are a ludicrous 1 in 649,737, and there are only 4 different card combinations where it is possible. A Royal Flush is made out of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all in the same suit, and is a sure winner if you are lucky enough to receive it. 

A word of caution here, however, is that it is never really a good idea to pin your hopes on receiving a Royal Flush hand, simply because of the odds of doing so. Even if you start off with a promising hand, the chances are a Royal Flush will be just out of reach. 

Straight Flush 

Slightly less impressive than a Royal Flush, but still one of the best poker hands possible, a Straight Flush is much like the previous example, however this time it can be made up of any number cards in the same suit, providing that they are still in numerical order of course. 

The odds of a Straight Flush are 1 in 72,193, so this is still a pretty difficult hand to obtain during a game of poker.

Four of a Kind 

Next up is a poker hand that is more common than the flushes, but is still fairly rare to find in your average game of poker. A Four of a Kind is made up of four of the same card in each suit, something that can be done with 3,744 different combinations. 

As a result the odds are better than for a Royal Flush or Straight Flush, with poker players having a 1 in 4,164 chance of receiving one.

Full House 

A Full House is made up of a pair of the same cards and a three of a kind, which is made of three of the same kind of card.

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