Asia Net – Asianet network broadcasts to the Indian subcontinent

Asianet was established in 1993. The network broadcasts to the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, the South East Asia, the Persian Gulf, the UK, USA, and the lower half of south-central Asia. Currently, Asianet has a network of 86 studios and employs over 400 staff. In the year 2000, Asianet moved its headquarters to Gorky Bhavan. After the restoration, Asianet began to broadcast news on a daily basis from Gorky Bhavan.

Dr Raji Menon was a prominent investor in Asianet. He had an interest in hydrocarbons and sold his 51 percent stake to Jupiter Capital. Asianet was in a very weak financial position at the time. Dr Raji Menon’s management style was criticized as ‘unbalanced’, but he remained committed to his principle of balanced journalism and was the CEO of the company. His successor, Dr Manish Menon, had a successful track record of balanced reporting and has a long history in the media industry.

Media One’s broadcast ban was criticized by the government. This news channel accused the Delhi Police of allowing violence to take place and siding with one community over another. Despite criticisms of Chandrashekar, the channel was lifted at 1am on 8 March. However, the scandal continues. In the meantime, the country has lost a trusted news provider. Ultimately, it’s time for the country to stop these news channels from dividing us.

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